Importance of CPT codes

What’s in for oncology and hematology coders this year? Review on and discover out:

This year CPT has actually included code 96446; an important code because CPT hasn’t previously provided a code for chemotherapy through port without peritoneocentesis. The new code is scientifically more accurate about how doctors do this procedure. This is since oncologists frequently perform peritoneocentesis with peritoneal cavity chemotherapy. As an effect, coders have actually long questioned how you can code this service properly. According to CPT Assistant (Feb 2009), you should include modifier 52 (reduced services) to 96445 when the physician does not do peritoneocentesis, but specialists note that payers’ guidelines vary.

CPT 2011 puts the 96445 question to rest by deleting the code.

You likewise have a brand-new code for insertion of a tunneled catheter for intraperitoneal chemotherapy administration: 49418. A few of the codes that saw modifications are: 49324, 49419, 49422

This year, CPT also brings modifications to codes for interstitial device placement. Initially there was this new code for laparoscopic placement of interstitial gadgets in the abdominal areas, hips, or retroperitoneum: 49327.

You likewise have a new code for open placement of interstitial gadgets in the abdomen, pelvis, or retroperitoneum: 49412.

Apart from these, you should likewise know two brachytherapy-related code changes: Code 57155 will see a small word revision. There’s likewise a new code to find out: 57156.

This year CPT combines abdominal/pelvic CT. If your center performs its own diagnostic exams or has to get pre-approval for your patient’s tests, below are 3 brand-new CT codes: 74176, 74177, and 74178.

CPT has actually not deleted the present stomach CT and pelvic CT codes; as such you’ll have 74176-74178 in addition to the abdominal-only and pelvic-only codes.

For more details on this and for more on other 2011 CPT codes influencing your oncology coding practice, enroll in a good coding resource like Coding Institute.